Inspiration Point – STANLEY Boots



Bruce Jalabert

A Toolbox is the treasure trove of design ideas for the guy building STANLEY’s footwear.
By Barbara Schneider-Levy

When Bruce Jalbert was exploring ideas for work boots under the STANLEY label, he headed to Home Depot, where he immediately noticed the brand’s iconic color scheme. “When someone opens their toolbox and sees a yellow screwdriver, be know it’s a STANLEY,” said the head of product development, who incorporated the signature color into the branded shoe collection.  The line, which INA International produces for STANLEY Black & Decker Inc., is distributed through GVS America. Jalabert continued the brand pallets by adding a pop of red at the eyeleta and on the shoelace tips in spring 2016 looks that range from skate-style sneakers to steel-toe hikers. ” The boots aren’t just for guys on oil rig, but also for those working in their garage on Sunday. I created something more casual, but with safety features,” said Jalabert.  Comfort was also a priority : the midsoles and footbeds feature STANLEY’s Anti – Vibe technology, which is used in hammer handles to minimize impact.  Underneath it all, Jalabert adapted to the classic hexagonal shape of the bolt for the tread pattern on the outsoles.


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